Valhalla Ranch - MKHorsemanship
Valhalla Ranch - MKHorsemanship
MKHorsemanship - Valhalla Ranch is a lifestyle, a passion, a mission.
We're not just passionate about horses and riding, we're passionate about helping horses and people.

Matt and Kristen Littrell - MKHorsemanship - Valhalla Ranch

MKHorsemanship - Valhalla Ranch is a lifestyle, a passion, a mission. We're not just passionate about horses and riding, we're passionate about helping horses and people. Wether you are a child discovering your love of horses, an adult getting back into it, or a Veteran looking to get away, we have a place for you. Matt Littrell, Marine Veteran and Farrier and wife Kristen Littrell, Equine Bodyworker and Horse Trainer share their love and passion through MKHorsemanship and Valhalla Ranch.

Come visit us at Valhalla Ranch. Contact us today to share in our passion. 


Boarding, Evaluations, Training & Lessons

Whether you are a novice rider or have ridden horses your whole life, regardless of age or skill level, you will find there is always something new to learn and do as a horse owner and rider. Our focus is building confidence and communcation through multiple diciplines between horse and rider. 

Valhalla Ranch 501(c)(3) Veterans Camp

Valhalla Ranch 501(c)(3) was founded by Matt Littrell, Marine Veteran and his wife Kristen Littrell. We are a place that welcomes Veterans to visit, work with horses and just be.

Equine Bodywork & Farrier Services

Matt Littrell is a not only an excellent horseman, but an experienced and professional farrier. His clientelle ranges from the hobby horse, minis and drafts, to the performance horse. 

Equine Bodywork is a crutial piece to the Equine care and maintence plan. Whether you have a hobby horse or a performance horse, Equine Bodywork is more than just a luxury. We work to keep your horse balanced and happy, so that he will perform at his peak potential every day. 

/ X Photography

/ X Photography is available for personal photography, shows, clinics, or just having fun. Its one thing to take a picture of a horse, its another to capture the moment.