About Us

MKHorsemanship is a whole horse approach to horsemanship from the brain to the hoof and all the parts in between. Matt and Kristen cover this with their comprehensive services offered under the umbrella of MKHorsemanship including, Evaluations and Training, Breeding and Sales, Equine Bodywork, Farrier Services and their passion for both the horse and people. This is further brought to life through their work with Veterans and horses, healing hearts one horse at a time. 

Following The Long Trail Home (The Long Trail Home on FB), a 8 month coast to coast ride spanning from Surf City, North Carolina to Oceanside, California and raising over 140k for the Semper Fi Fund, Matt and Kristen founded Valhalla Ranch 501c3, a veterans horse camp. Our passion is working with horses and helping people and Valhalla Ranch is about both. The horses help the men and women who served in our military come back home. Valhalla Ranch is a working ranch, and veterans will have the opportunity to help around the barn with feeding, grooming, learning about farrier work and proper care and equine nutrition, chores, mending fences, and working with horses. The horses help keep us honest and present, and when the world is noisy around us they help calm that storm. They help us to put one foot in front of the other, and keep on riding. At Valhalla Ranch, you will often hear "Tomorrow We Ride", as that has become a big part of who and what we are.

If you would like to reach Valhalla Ranch, please send an email to kristenlynnlittrell@gmail.com

We look forward to speaking with you.

Kristen Littrell

Trainer/ Equine Bodyworker/ Photographer

Kristen grew up riding hunter/jumper/dressage, and through the years has competed in EXCA, Obstacle Challenges/Pleasure Shows, and trained for and served with Mounted Patrol/Search and Rescue. In addition to her Bachelors in Business Administration, she is a board Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. She has a passion for and offers her photography services to the public. She also co-founded and works with the Valhalla Ranch Horsemanship Program. 

Matt Littrell

Farrier/CEO/President Valhalla Ranch 501(c)(3)

Matt is a Marine Combat Veteran who enjoys roping and riding. Horses are an important part of his life as they are what helped him as he returned from combat. He is an excellent horseman and farrier. He has the ability to see the fun in working with horses and pass that along to all he works with. He has his Bachelors Degree and is the Founder/CEO/President of Valhalla Ranch.