Pearl - Australian Shepherd

Pearl is an Australian Shepherd. She is loyal, highly intelligent, loves to work, and loves her family. She thrives off praise and attention. Loves to please and go everywhere with her people.

Pepper - Border Collie

Pepper is a Border Collie, she is highly intelligent, shows excellent trainability and recall, and loves her family.

Coal - Standard Poodle

Coal is a male Standard Poodle who is black with silver and will be crossed on Pearl and Pepper for Aussiedoodles and Boredoodles. Both of these crosses are highly intelligent and should have low shedding factors. They make great working dogs or family dogs. These dogs love attention and thrive from praise and human interaction. If you plan to keep you doodles locked in crates and are not committed to your new family member, please do not consider one of our puppies.

Available Puppies

We offer Aussiedoodles, Boredoodles, and Standard Poodles. We would love to chat about your families wants and needs in a new puppy and help you choose the best fit for you. Wether you are looking for a high drive working dog, or a completely non shedding family companion, we will work with you to help guide you to the best fit for your needs. Our dogs are members of our family, who live and work with us. We are not a kennel facility. We have chosen high quality dogs to produce highly intelligent, loyal, friendly companions. We are located in Colorado, with the ability to transport puppies and work closely with a breeder located in Alabama. With our combined litters we will likely have the perfect fit for you and your family in your desired time frame. Please send us an email at to discuss a spot on a waitlist for upcoming litters and current availability.