Valhalla Ranch Gypsy Vanners

Valhalla Ranch has built an excellent program where we are breeding, raising, and training high quality Gypsy Vanners who are making highly suitable, versatile, horses excelling in many disciplines including, ranch/using horses, obstacle horses, and show horses in various disciplines. It is truly our goal to show the world the versatility of this breed. Beyond the excellent conformation, heavy bone and feather, we breed for brain, temperament and personality, and there is a truly remarkable horse under every beautiful exterior you see. We raise and train quality Gyspy Vanner Horses who are suitable for most homes whether it be a competition home, or ranch home, or if you just want to ride for pleasure on a stout horse with a good brain. We ride and work our gypsies and we are confident when we say that the minds and athleticism of our gypsies is unmatched and we are proud to breed for both beauty and brains . If you are interested in a Gyspy from our program please feel free to send us a message or give us a call. We want to help you invest in making your dream of adding a gypsy to your family come true whether you desire a well trained horse ready for you to take on the trail or a weanling. We have intutero options available to help make your dream of owning a gypsy a feasible financial reality.


(Liberty Hills Lilly of the Valley X Lion Heart)

"Laddy" is a Gypsy Vanner Stallion standing 15h, out of Libert Hills Lilly of the Valley by Lion Heart, a Son of Lion King. As can be expected from these lines, Laddy is everything you could expect in a stallion with excellent conformation, hair, bone, and most importantly trainability and heart. Laddy passes his mind and the much desired hair to his offspring and is a wonderful addition to any program. He is our herdsire, and available to approved outside mares.

BSS King Silky Kid

( Prince Harry of Bucking PalaceX Desert Jewel Adora)

With lines such as Lion King, Silky Boy, Clononeen, this guy is well bred with the lines you would expect to see in an exceptional stallion. He is a young stallion, turning 4 years old this year, currently in our ranch and training program, and expected to mature 14.3h. He will be available to approved mares. Contact us for details if interested.

Spensefarms Sassy Anna

(Spensefarms Terry Annabelle X Spensefarms Grandpa Romany)

"Sassy" stands 15h and boasts the hair and feather that you would expect to see in a quality Gyspy Vanner mare with the conformation to improve the breed with each foal. Sassy is a well bred mare, with lines going back to SD Jack and Bob the Blagdon, to include quality foundation lines such as The Lob Eared Horse and The Old Horse of Wales. She passes her correct hair and bone as well as trainability and personality to her colts.

She is currently in Foal to "Laddy" and we expect an exceptional representation of the breed from this combination. Foal should mature to 15h.

Spencefarms Traveler of CDF

(Spensefarms Alabama Gypsy X Spensefarms Grandpa Romany)

"Traveler" is a beautiful Gypsy Vanner mare with size, bone, correct conformation and excellent trainability. Traveller and Sassy share some of the same old foundation lines making both of these mares excellent representations of the Gypsy Vanner Breed. Traveler X Laddy produce the iconic breed standard in the Gypsy Vanners, truly bettering the breed with each foal.

Bandera Lark Rise

(Clononeen Trinket x Bandera Tiger Moth)

This is a mare with fantastic bloodlines and conformation to match. Falcon, Tiger Moth, Clononeen in her lines make this mare a fantastic foundation type Gypsy Vanner mare.

She is currently in foal for a March/April colt by BSS King Silky Kid. We expect this foal to have a stocky build and mature in the 14.3 range.

Cillbarra Nuala

Cillbarra Nuala, stands a stout 15.3h. She is an Imported Gypsy Mare out of a 16h sire and 15.3 dam. She adds the size we are striving for to breed larger gypsies who can handle just about any job we throw their way.

Valhalla's Sleipnir (Quad L x Flint Hills Gypsy Jackson)

Valhalla's Sleipnir is an up and coming stallion prospect. Standing stout and correct from birth, we will raise and train this colt to evaluate the prospect of remaining a stallion here at Valhalla Ranch or becoming available a stallion prospect vs gelding to the appropriate home.

Valhallas King Remington

Remi is sired by LK Legacy "Luka" (by Lion King) out of Wrigley of Thornhill.

He was originally bought as a stallion prospect, but we believe geldings are the true breed ambassadors. Remi is the go to horse here at the ranch and is used to start colts, doctor cattle, and give lessons. He won his division in the Colorado Obstacle Challenge Series in 2018, an 8 month obstacle/trail course series, while competing at the NWSS, and other various venues throughout the state of Colorado. Remi shares the Lion King lines so closely woven throughout our program and is an excellent representation of what the breed and horses from our program are capable of doing. In addition to breeding, we raise and train quality Gypsy Vanner horses. We are just as proud of our training program as we are our breeding program and believe they go hand in hand. Our goal is to show the world how truly versatile this breed can be, while breeding and training horses that want to get along and are great companions that the majority of people are capable or riding and using.