Lessons and Training


MKHorsemanship - Valhalla Ranch provides a full range of riding and equestrian services. Whether you are a novice rider or have ridden horses your whole life, regardless of age or skill level, you will find there is always something new to learn and do as a horse owner and rider. We like to see success between horse and rider, and we realize success can come in many different ways. We help determine what that means to you. We are focused on horsemanship and are non discipline specific. Our focus is building confidence and communcation through multiple diciplines between horse and rider. 


We offer indoor and outdoor arenas, access to trails, and comfortable boarding stalls with attached runs. Pasture Boarding also available. Boarding comes with the option of a training and/or lesson package. Prices may vary depending on packages. Contact us today to find a package that suits your needs.


Whether its a first time evalution on a new horse or a pony thats been pulled off pasture, a training/board package, or lessons, we have a variety of options available. We are non discipline specific with a focus on horsemanship and creating success between horse and rider. The biggest focus at MKHorsemanship is improving confidence between horse and rider/handler from the ground and saddle. Our program starts from the beginning to create a solid foundation and builds from that point to make a well rounded horse. The human element is crutial, and we focus on the human in our program as much as the horse.  If you would like to discuss a program for your horse give us a call.


Available for beginner and intermediate riders, lessons are a great way to build confidence as a rider, learn more about caring for horses, and a great way to get to know your horse. Along with riding, lessons include everything from safety practices to tack and tack maintenance. We offer opportunities to go to local shows, and experience the fun in showcasing what has been learned at home. Shows will only ever be a confidence builder and fun experience with our program. We offer opportunities to ride in different events and diciplines with the focus on becoming a better over all horseman or horsewoman.